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Venti Investigations, Inc. offers a wide range of professional investigations, specializing in surveillance for suspected insurance fraud. Our clients include state agencies, municipalities, insurance companies, attorney firms, third party administrators, small & large businesses and the general public.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To

Video Surveillance

The most effective way to document a subject’s activities is through video surveillance. Once an assignment is received, a pre-surveillance activity check is conducted which includes:

  • Verifying the subjects name and the most recent address.

  • Verifying the vehicle(s) that the subject might use.

  • Making an initial determination as to the subject’s schedule/activities.

  • Reviewing the subject’s location for the best possible surveillance positions.

Once all initial information has been gathered, contact is made with our client to review and schedule the assignment. The case is then assigned to one of our field investigators. Regular updates are provided per our client’s instructions.

After completion of the case, a detailed report documenting all activity by the subject is submitted to our client, along with a CD copy of the digital video obtained. We will also follow up with our client to determine if further investigation is needed.

AOE/COE Investigations

AOE/COE investigations are conducted to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury by a worker on the job. AOE/COE refers to an injury Arising Out of Employment or is in the Course Of Employment.

Conducting an AOE/COE investigation is critical during the early stages of a Workers Compensation Claim. Documentation of the facts and evidence surrounding the injury should be immediately obtained, because evidence may get misplaced or moved and the claimant and/or witness memories may not be as clear over time. In addition, the information gathered can be of great help should there be a need to conduct a surveillance investigation.

A typical AOE/COE investigation includes:

  • Claimant interview (recorded)

  • Employer level interviews (recorded)

  • Witness interview(s) (recorded)

  • Injury site inspection and documentation

  • Medical history

  • Signed authorization for release of medical records

  • Obtaining medical records

  • Complete report of all findings and recommendations

Note: We can provide bi-lingual investigators and/or interpreters for non English speaking claimants.

Property Casualty

Property investigations can include the following:

  • Site inspection and documentation

  • Interview policy holder

  • Obtain receipts for items being claimed

  • Obtain any pre-existing photographs of items in the claim

  • Interview witnesses

  • Obtain police report

  • Canvass the neighborhood

  • A detailed report of our findings

Accident Scene Investigations

Areas Covered:

  • On-scene documentation with photographs and measurements

  • Canvass area for witnesses

  • Interview witnesses

  • Obtain police report

  • A comprehensive report detailing our findings

Witness Locates

Using our skip tracing expertise we will locate witnesses that are already known by our clients, but may be difficult to make contact with.

We will also identify and locate any additional witnesses that could be important to our client’s case.

Witness Interviews

Recorded Interviews/statements

Life And Health

These investigations can be conducted as either a cold call or pre-arranged meeting and covers the following areas:

  • Identify claimant

  • Interview claimant for a brief history of the injury, details of their daily activities, limitations, list of medications and dosages taken, identify frequency of visits to medical sources; identify prescribing doctors and location of pharmacy where prescriptions are filled, present and future prognosis, marital/family history, employment history and sources of income.

  • Detailed report of our findings.

Background Investigations

A background investigation can include the following:

  • Verifying personal identification information

  • Verifying current and previous residences

  • Obtaining court records both civil and criminal

  • Obtaining information from the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Conducting a neighborhood canvass to obtain additional information regarding the subject

  • Identifying possible assets

  • Employment history

  • Detailed report of our findings

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the art of locating a current residence and/or a place of employment on persons who have moved and have left very little trace of themselves behind. Our investigators who specialize in locating people use a variety of both public and non-public sources of information to accomplish this in an accurate and timely manner.

We also use state of the art database sources available only to Licensed Investigators and Law Enforcement agencies.

Asset Investigations

Utilizing both public and non public sources and databases we will attempt to locate assets held by your subject to include; property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft and business’s. We can also attempt to locate a place of employment for possible garnishment of wages on judgments.

We handle large, small, urgent, comprehensive and custom assignments with a level of professionalism you would only expect from the leader in the investigation business. Contact our offices for more information or submit your case securely online.


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